How does a Computer work? When you hear the word “computer” you most likely start thinking of laptop or desktop computers. But there are many other different kinds of computers. The mobile phone that you use is a computer, the smart phone you use is also a computer. Inside a microwave oven there is also a computer fitted. Inside a washing machine, there is also a computer in it. But wait have you ever think that how this computer works? Have you ever thought that how this computer knows all the languages that are English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Bengali and almost all other languages of the world, but you will be amazed that the computer does not know any of these languages. The computer knows only and only one language called binary language and that is only 0 and 1.

The thing that we use or do with the help of a computer, like this website that you are reading comes to you in the form of 0 and 1. The video that you watch, the audio that you hear also comes to you in the form of 0 and 1. Also the letters we write through the keyboard goes to the computer only in the form of 0 and 1. But, how? So here on The News Remark today you will know a short answer and a basic idea on “How does a computer work?”

Take any computer of this world, it has been taught only 4 works and that are-

  1. take input
  2. store it in memory
  3. process it
  4. give output

How computer works?

This four works are only taught to a computer. Now it is also that computer is a device which works on electricity. If we cut the power then the computer will stop working. And again when we supply power to it then it will start again and it will work for you again. So what is inside the computer and how they do work?

So when we give input it flows through circuits in electrical form or 0 and 1 form. Because the computer does not know anything except 0 and 1. So all the computers,  all electrical devices only know the language of 0 and 1. Similarly, when you click on the buttons of a mouse or touch on the screen of your smart phone, then automatically that input signal will try to find what was behind your click or touch. Suppose there was a folder or a movie, then there generate a signal in binary and that signal will go to the mother board of the smart phone or computer. Then mother board will verify that signal and then it will store in its memory and that memory that is our C.P.U. (Central Processing Unit) will process that signal.

Like, if I click on movie then the C.P.U. will start processing the signal and that signal will go to harddisk where all the data of that movie is stored. So the final output comes to us after a lot of process. And the computer process all these process with the lightning fast speed. You will not know when you pressed the button and when all things processed.

The Operating System

But, also think of that the C.P.U. is having many and many of instructions which is to be performed and have to show you the outputs. So the C.P.U. will start confusing and it will very hard for the C.P.U. to process all the operations. But in reality there is nothing like this. For this there is a manager. And that manager is called O.S.(Operating System). Examples arewindows, Mac, iOS, android, Linux etc.

So O.S. has to manage all the things. O.S. knows everything that what is the power of C.P.U.? How much memory we have? What other devices are connected with our device? How much storage left in our hard disk? And it is the responsibility of the O.S. to perform interaction between hardware and software and tells the C.P.U. that first process this operation quickly and then this. So, by this O.S. synchronize C.P.U. and all other devices to process all the operations.

Now in present the computer is one of the greatest invention on earth. Made by humans. Made by us by using our brain. And today we are very-very much dependent on computers that we cannot imagine our life without computers.


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