In today’s world, Cricket is one of the most popular game among the other sports across the world. Also the popularity of cricket is increasing day by day. Started in 16th century in England, this game is played in more than 100 countries today.

In some countries like India cricket is that much famous that people treat cricket as a religion. Cricket is worshiped like a religion in India. Cricket has over a billion of fans worldwide.

But, despite being a popular game in the world and Olympics being the biggest sporting event in the world- Why Cricket is not played in Olympic Games? Why Cricket is not an Olympic Game? Why is Cricket not played at the Olympics? Why Cricket isn’t a Olympic Sport? So in this post here we will explain all the reasons as to Why Cricket is not an Olympic Game?

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History of Cricket in Olympics-

Cricket was listed in as an event in the very first modern Olympic Games at Athens in 1896, but was later removed due to an insufficient number of entries. Four years later in the 1900 Paris Olympics, only four teams entered the battle — Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, and France. Belgium and Holland pulled back themselves from the cricket competition after their co-hosting bids were rejected. Cricket was only held in the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, where only two countries participated in it, Great Britain and hosts France where Great Britain won the Gold and France silver. The team of France was mostly represented by English expatriates while the England team was represented by Devon & Somerset Wanderers Cricket Club, so was not nationally selected. A cricket tournament was scheduled for 1904 Summer Olympics held in St. Louis but was eventually cancelled.

01. Slow pacing- length of the Game

The Olympic motto is ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’. The game of cricket is played in three formats- Test match, One-Day International and Twenty20 International. The shortest format(Twenty20 International) lasts for 3-4 hours to complete a match. Even if consider the tournament consist of 10 teams, and completing a match of 3-4 hours a day will also take minimum 10 days to complete the tournament and you will never see a cricket World Cup, let alone a four- or five-day tournament in Olympic- which only last for 15 days.

02. Lack of Global Interest

Cricket is famous but not really a global sport yet. Although, people of Indian Subcontinent, South Africa, England, Australia are crazy about Cricket, but the sport itself has not managed to penetrate most of the developed countries of this world like America, China, Canada, Russia, Japan. There are only a few nations that takes Cricket seriously as compared to other popular sports like Football, Boxing, Athletics etc.

Source- Statista

03. Availability, Maintenance and Cost

Cricket demands a high level of maintenance in administration and preparation of the cricket field and of the pitch— which would be difficult and potentially very expensive for a non-cricket-playing host like Japan, America, which generally doesn’t play cricket that much. There needs to repair the pitch after every match so you can’t hold any other sport in a cricket venue match at least not until the whole tournament is over. Thus, it needs more stadiums which is not possible.

04. Ensuring Fair play

The fans of cricket knows that ensuring a fare result is heavily dependent on the quality of the pitch. During real international cricket games, host nations often prepare pitches according to the strengths of their own team, like Indians will make spinner friendly pitches while most pitches in Australia favors fast bowlers, and so on.
Thus, creating a sporting pitch where all participating teams will have an equal chance to win will be much challenging.


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