You see a lot of movies, youtube videos, tv series but at least once in a day you also watch tv definitely. And when you watch tv you might have seen some random numbers at random positions coming on your tv screen. And these numbers are irritating and very disturbing. But do you know that by this number your location can be tracked? Yes, this is true.

But guys have ever think that what are these numbers? Why these irritating numbers appears on our tv screen? Why we get these random numbers while watching tv serials or live match? Why do we see numbers or codes on the screen while watching TV? What is the reason behind the random numbers that appear on our TV screens? Why does some random code like ‘EFGQ1H0510HZ’, ‘0675-9876-5432’ appear when you are watching a program on television? So, here on The News Remark you will know it.

What are those random letters or numbers or codes?

You may have noticed many times that the numbers comes anytime in between you are watching tv shows or live broadcast of any cricket match or something. These numbers are very unique number generated randomly and repeatedly. These numbers are also called VC number – Viewing Card Number or the Receiver Number. The code is a reference number of your local cable provider or we can say that it’s like IP address of our set top box or your TV. These numbers are generated from your set up box by your channel broadcasters.

Different numbers for different users

These numbers are generated for you and you only. Also in the same time if you will see a different tv with the same channel then you will realize that both the numbers are different.

Why these random numbers or codes appear?

So, the thing is that whenever there is the live match or tv serials or program or tv shows, so, what some people do is that they start recording it by their camera or phone or by using some other mechanism and they relays the content illegally to other televisions or they upload it on the internet or some other platforms like youtube and torrents. Also those numbers are recorded along with the program.

Now when the company from which you have purchased the set up box does a routine check and becomes aware of some suspicious activity, then their investigation team make a note of that appeared number which is illegally appearing in more than the legally approved number of subscribers or at other places on internet. Then by using this number, that company can find the illegal distributor and shut down their set top box and then take further legal action. These number is generally used as a part of anti-piracy actions taken by channel providers to stop piracy.

Also another interesting point about these numbers is that they appear on random positions. So anyone can’t blur a specific portion of the screen to neglect recording of that random numbers. We cannot remove these number codes, as it is important information to stop piracy.



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